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Hi Everyone!  Just want to say I am taking a break this month to write my article for Art Doll Quarterly.  It will be in the Fall Issue on the shelves at Barnes and Noble Aug. 1st. I'll be back next month with another Prim dollie. See you then!

Annie - Ready for Spring


I am delighted to present to you, a Boggy Bottom Bayou Blackwater Bear.  Boggy Bottom Bayou’s Blackwater Bears are a combination of my long love for everything prim and my even longer love for bears (way back when I was little!).  They are so fun to make and equally hard to part with as they take on their own little personalities. Thank you for stopping and having a look at her! 

Annie’s fur is a short, sparse, and curly pile with a medium tan backing. She has fully jointed (arms, legs and head), using durable discs, tap bolts, and lock-nuts.  Her eyes are imported from Germany and are of hand-blown glass.  Her nose is stitched layer over layer with medium brown pearl cotton..  Annie also has the characteristic hump in her back common to many antique bears.

All designs are original. All pieces are signed and dated by the artist, me. People who know me laugh when they find out that my hand-drawn patterns all start out on elementary school notebook paper…can’t sketch a thing on plain white paper!  I began my Folk Art career while my boys were in grade school and that was the only thing that was always handy!

Annie would love to come home with you for $195.00
Plus 15.00 travel Fare

Adele the Sunflower Bunny by Carly Smith

Adele the Sunflower Bunny
by Carly Smith

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my February offering.  I am new here and am so excited to be in the company of such fine artists and their friends!

Adele is a Southern Belle from Virginia. She is demure, but a little flirty.She loves to drop her hanky near any young buck who might pick it up. Her favorite pastime is picking flowers, although they make her sneeze!

Made from Tea-Stained and Painted Muslin

Adele is a soft sculpture doll.  She stands 20 inches tall and about 11 inches when sitting.  Her head is fashioned with long droopy ears and soulful, dark eyes.  Her little sculpted muzzle completes her sweet bunny look. Her facial features are hand painted and her eyes peek out through glass pupils of highest quality and made in Germany.
Adele’s facial features are hand painted and his eyes peek out through glass pupils of highest quality and made in Germany.

Hand Painted Face, German Glass Eyes

Her body is made of tea stained muslin that has been stuffed and weighted so she may sit on a shelf. Adele is a jointed doll in the same fashion that Teddy Bears are jointed. There are five movable joints allowing him to be placed in many positions. The head, both arms and both legs are fitted with durable fiberboard discs using the lock nut system for jointing.

Her arms are colored with acrylic paint. They are wired for posing and holding very light objects. In addition to being jointed, legs are wired too and are very helpful in posing her in multiple sitting positions. Her weighted bottom also assists her to remain balanced when sitting. Sometimes, during shipping, the weight bag inside may shift a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” or “bump” to her bottom to re position the weights.
Sunflower Perch and  Crow
Adele’s golden dress is fashioned as a simple waist-less prairie dress that has been tea stained for a soft worn appeal. She wears a woolen vest with hand appliqu├ęd sunflowers, trimmed in lace and pearls. A ruffled collar rests on a beautiful width of lace and pearls. Her hat is fashioned after a large sunflower and is fastened under her chin, and harkens back to days gone by. with a vintage style . I made her prim sunflower spool and her pet crow is an accessory from Hilltop Homesteader by Pam
Doyle and is free with the doll as a thank you.

Page in PRIMS Magazine Fall 2015

Adele was featured in the Article "Carly Goes PRIM" in PRIMS Magazine the Fall of 2015 along with several other pieces of mine. She has been safely kept with me since returning from the Magazine. Thank you Sara...Adele has been sold!

Until next month, stay safe and happy!

My Best Always,